Working for a website called ‘I Want One Of Those’ might incline one to be desensitised to gizmos that are particularly gobsmacking. However, some inventions are simply impossible to ignore – the Seabreacher is one such creation. It’s a submersible craft based on the aerodynamics and movements of sharks (that may be the coolest sentence I’ve ever written). To digest its magnificence in full, you have only to watch this video:

Cripes. A quick glance at the FAQ section of the Seabreacher website throws up some equally amazing statistics. It can travel at 50mph underwater, they have a 260bhp engine, it’s got GPS, there’s a snorkel-mounted camera… but most importantly it allows you to muck around in the water like a flippin’ shark. So if you’ve got a spare $65,000, I’d quite like to borrow it… I’ll let you have a go on it, honest!

This was tweeted to us by the lovely DamoclesTheBDA.

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