Now that you have you’re a-level results (congratulations by the way!) you more than deserve to, in the words of Parks & Recreations Tom & Donna, ‘treat yo’ self!‘  before you head off to Uni! We’ve gone ahead & picked some of our most treat worthy IWOOT favorites to give you some inspiration, not that you need it though, I’m sure!

Magical Fairy Icing Sugar Wand

His handy little wand not only looks cute, it’s actually a very useful (and fun) tool! Why not use it & bake you and your friends some A-level results celebration cakes?

Happy Jackson Swag Bag Tote
Treat yo’ self & treat yo’ self some more! Bag this awesome swag tote bag & go out & fill it with even more exciting things when you are shopping for all of your Uni stuff! It’s a bit of a no brainer really!

Sloth Nano blocks
Now that you have a little more time on your hands (for the rest of the Summer at least) you might as well so something fun right? Why not build this Nanoblock sloth? He’s cute and likes to sleep, the perfect pal right? Sloth not up your street? There are plenty of animals  & buildings to choose from!

Bluetooth water speakers
Dance the Summer away with these pretty cool Bluetooth water speakers! They are USB powered & shoot water up & down to the beat of your tunes! The louder the music, the higher the water jumps! When you are done partying with them, they will make a nice addition to your Uni room work desk.

Futurama Funko POP! Vinyl’s
If you are not the partying type, it’s probably a good idea to start catching up on all of your Netflix series! While you’re at it, you might as well start collecting all the Funko POP! Vinyls too, no? Futurama is a pretty good place to start.

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