If you know someone who has finished university, sixth form or their GCSE exams, then you will truly understand the happiness that summer can bring. They no longer spend days curled in a ball worrying about upcoming exams, instead they are free to celebrate and spend much-needed time with friends and family. After months of stress, new-found freedom can be strangely daunting so make sure to help the student you know explore, relax and move forward.


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Encourage the student you know to continue their learning and self-development by trying something new. Many students organise trips around the world to make the most of their new found freedom. If you know someone who is going to spend months exploring different corners of the globe, make sure they have the latest technology to take photos, videos and most importantly to communicate…that way they can share their adventures with you at home.

If the students you know are a little younger, then you can still help them explore; whether you try a new Vietnamese restaurant in your town, organise a day out to London or join them on an adrenaline-filled activity, they can gain a taste for adventure without having to board a plane!



Exams and coursework can cause stress for everyone in the family. Take time to relax together, plan a trip to the coast, go for afternoon tea, or organise a spa day. Relaxation could be sitting under a tree reading a novel, spending an entire day in pyjamas watching films back-to-back, or even driving super cars around a track at high speed with friends. Whatever it takes, ensure the student you know has a stress-free summer this year. They deserve it.



Whether exam results go well this summer or not, celebrate the achievements and move on quickly from the disappointments. Looking forward will help enormously, as will preparing for new plans. Office gadgets would make perfect graduation gifts to encourage new graduates as they make career plans. For younger students, stationery and the latest technology can help get them organised for future challenges.

If you are a student or know of someone who has worked hard at school or university this year, then we would love to hear how you are spending your summer, just post in the comments below!

Also, make sure to keep an eye out for more articles in this student series.


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