Star Wars-related paraphernalia is by no means new (much to the delight of George Lucas’ bank balance), but this incredible design has, shockingly, yet to join the galaxy of merchandise. It is, as you can see, an umbrella fashioned to look like an Imperial Star Destroyer.

The potential manufacturers/designers behind the idea maintain that this will work as well as a normal umbrella, but of course has the distinct advantage of being unbelievably cool. Certainly a lot cooler than George Lucas, anyhow. Honestly, anyone who thinks it’s OK to have his haircut beamed in from 1938 and then extol the virtues of futuristic design and digital technology needs to have a serious think about style.

Rain, may you fall upon the forest moon of Endor, the ice planet Hoth and the dual-sunned wastelands of Tatooine until the funding for this product becomes available.

Via some brainiacs at One More Gadget.

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