So the time has come for you to move out to Uni & you don’t know where to begin when it comes to interior decorating. You are living in rented student accommodation so there’s not much you can do to the place without your landlord going crazy but you still want your humble abode to reflect you, after all, you are going to be spending a lot of time there! We’ve put together an IWOOT list of useful & fun things to make your new flat more ‘you’.


Lego Storage Bricks

Keeping your things organised is a pretty good idea, especially if you are going to be living with other people. These Lego storage bricks are great because they are colourful so they look cool they are stackable which makes them really practical too!

Cocktail Candle
Candles are always a good idea! There is nothing more homely than coming in after a long day, getting comfortable on the sofa with Netflix & a brew (cheeky glass of wine *ahem*) & a comforting scented candle. Plus, the candle can help to cover up any questionable ‘other housemate’ smells…two birds & all that!

Buddha Lamp
Staple novelties are a must! They can make any old dingy room look a million times better! This little Buddha lamp is sure to brighten up your room while bringing a little bit of zen into your new home too. Not keen on the blue? No worries, this bad boy also comes in pink or green.

Minnie Mouse Print
Framed prints are a really great way to add personality to a room & the best thing is, it’s now cool to not hang them on the walls (oooh how Pinterest) The new ‘wall art’ is now ‘leaning your framed prints against a wall art’ either on the floor or on top of a suitable surface. Your landlord will be happy that you aren’t putting holes in their walls & you will have a Pinterest worthy space, win, win!

Upside Down Planter
Another rule you are probably going to have to abide by is ‘no pets!’ this doesn’t mean you can’t have the next best thing though, no we’re not talking about tamagotchis, we’re talking plants! Plants are a great addition to any home & they are oh so Instagram! This hanging planter is a really quirky way to display your little green friends. Don’t worry, it’s non drip so it won’t make a mess of your floors & it’s made out of recycled plastic so what’s not to love?

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