There has been a huge rise in the house spider making an appearance in people’s homes in the UK over the last few weeks & everyone is freaking out! Not that we can blame them, these little eight legged critters can grow up to 12 cm, that’s a massive FIVE INCHES! HELL NO!

Fear not, we have a solution that you are going to love!
spider catcher
It’s called a spider catcher & it will!

These little guys can look scary but come on, there is no need to squish a spider when there is the amazing contraption that is the spider catcher! Seriously, it’s an invention that Spider-Man himself would be proud of!

Get rid of spiders the humane way & stay as far away from them as possible in the process. Let’s face it, you are scared & the spider is probably pooping it’s pants because of your screams so the spider catcher is the best way to keep you and Spidey happy. You will get rid of the unwanted squatter & Señor Spider will be re-united with the outside world rather than being screamed at, squished, swept up & put in the bin. Win, win!

What’s best about the spider catcher is that it comes with a practice spider! Cue you training yourself as a top spider catcher in private so when the time comes to impress all the other people freaking out, you can showcase your cool, calm & collected Dr Doolittle spider saving skills!

Legit, the best £7.99 you will ever spend! So what are you waiting for?
Buy yourself (or a friend, yes it would make an awesome gift!) a Spider Catcher form IWOOT.

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