More Vuvuzela news now, and it seems that some bright spark has come up with a Vuvuzela Concerto. Unsurprisingly, it’s one long note.

Of course, that’s a very funny joke (I laughed for approximately 34 seconds), but has the anonymous composer not realised that the blueprint for such pieces had been formed many years ago? The righteous minimalism of Steve Reich, the looping cell compositions of Terry Riley, even the repetitive drone masterclass of avant-garde noise-mongers Sunn 0)))? No? Oh well. Here’s the concerto anyway:


Good, innit?

I, for one, am hoping that the inevitable performance of this maverick work at this afternoon’s England/Slovenia match will drown out the shockingly inane brass parps of the England supporter’s band. Why do they think playing the theme from The Great Escape is remotely related to winning a football match? Anyway, good on The Guardian for spotting it, and let’s hope it goes our way this afternoon…

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