This is quite crafty – a boat made to look as if it’s sinking at all times:

Fair enough, it’s a laugh, but surely there’s a constant stream of well-wishing boat-folk who offer rescue when it’s not needed? Oh how the ship’s captain must laugh! On the other hand, it’s probably an excellent defence mechanism for anyone taking a jaunt around Somali waters with crates of booty on board. That’s the only time this boat is anything approaching useful.

Here’s a pic of it out of the water:

It’s the work of one Parisian artist named Julien Berthier. So it’s a work of art rather than a proper seafaring vessel. As hardened techies we don’t understand ‘the arts’ in general, so we’re just going to file it under ‘stupid, but kinda want one’ and get on with our techie duties. Y’know, wires and that.

Via the super Geekologie.
Click here to see more pics of the boat (it’s called ‘Love Love’… we’re not here to judge).

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