Anyone looking forward to careening effortlessly down an Alpine mountain this season will already be rather excited (I just checked the Courchevel webcam for about the seventh time this morning… it’s definitely been snowing…). Well, prepare to be even more excited – we’ve just stumbled across the ultimate pair of skiing goggles to make your impending descents that little bit more Bond-esque.

These rather ridiculous Zeal Transcend GPS Goggles are fiendishly clever, and turn the skiing experience into something that resembles the POV text-sightedness of Robocop rather than Ski Sunday. And that, folks, is definitely a good thing. Due to some intense wizardry (probably mirrors), it’s possible to track your ski routes via GPS and watch them back later, and view your stats as you go. That means temperature, speed and even the height of your jumps are recorded and shown to you as you go. In short, it’s properly amazing.

Slightly frivolous it may be (and naysayers will undoubtedly go on about it turning real life into a computer game… don’t see the problem myself…), but it’s difficult to argue with the functions of this spanking set of specs. A slope essential, if you’ve got a spare three or four hundred quid.

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