We are celebrating ‘fifth Beatle’ Sir George Henry Martin’s life today here at IWOOT. The career of the British record producer, arranger and conductor spanned seven decades and counted characters such as Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan and John Lennon. Martin began his work at the BBC where he recorded classical music, cast recordings and regional tunes with the Parlophone Record label.


Throughout his time at Parlephone he worked with various comedy acts, recording some of the UK’s favourite comedy shows such as The Goons and Beyond the Fringe. His work is known for transforming the work of the Parlophone into a profitable business.

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In 1962 Martin was invited to listen to a recording of a new pop group, initially he thought that the group was ‘rather unpromising’ but liked the sound of their vocals. He agreed to sign the group to a recording track and produced 17 of The Beatles’ chart topping hits.

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