It may have been April Fool’s Day last week, but the only fools around these parts are those who don’t submit a review when they buy something from IWOOT (not really, we love you).

As always, we’ve got a plethora of vouchers to win for the best written, photo and video reviews. The best of March’s bunch are below, and what a bunch it is too…

First up, winning our £50 Voucher for best written review, it’s LOCNEVER (3908575) tackling the virtues of the Power Plant Growing Machine:

“Good Lord!

This has to be the best thing I’ve ever bought!

The name aeroponics conjured up images of Star Trek-esque technology, and although this isn’t quite replicator material, it is still a fantastic bit of kit!

Being a serial killer when it comes to plants, I was absolutely amazed to find little green shoots appearing after just three days of planting! The humidomes (Don’t you love the terminology?) are in place and I’m expecting my first Jalapenos to fruit in a month or two!

This machine has far exceeded my expectations, and IWOOT delivered next day! It came well packaged and even after our postie dropped it there was no damage!

I couldn’t be more pleased! I think I’ll buy 10 of these babies and start a garden centre….or a forest….”

You had us at “Good Lord!”. TeaMan (3916840), on the other hand, has submitted this picture of the Terrorist Teapot in order to win a £75 voucher:


Well done, sir. Well done. Scooping the biggest prize this month, though, is Simul (3897968) with this excellent video of the Action Camera being given the Snowmobile treatment. Vroom!

Don’t forget to submit your reviews via the IWOOT site product pages if you’ve bought something from us – you could be in our hall of fame and get your hands on even more of our gubbins for free.

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