August has long since toddled off – we know. We’re slow. But you know what, good things come to those who wait, isn’t that what they say? Unless you haven’t won, of course, in which case nothing but disappointment awaits you. Sorry. Anyway, on to lighter matters – which lucky so-and-sos have managed to pique the interest of our moderators?

First of all, the written review winner is the enigmatically (or possibly drunkenly) named VKKKKKKKKKKKKK, who has gotten themselves into a frenzy over our Steel Playing Cards:

“These steel cards are a steal! I’ve never spent money more wisely. I bought these for my brother at first but once they had came I got so hooked to them i kept the for myself. haha! The detail in this in UNBELIEVABLE! I’ve searched for interesting cards all over the net and my friend told me about IWOOT and its the site for me! 😀 I spilt some coffee over a few of the cards (accidentally of course) and it dried and i just wiped it with a wet wipe and PRESTO! The coffee came off – no stains no hassle! Also, these cards are suprisingly light weight! Which is great considering you have to hold them. 😉 Also, if playing in hot weather, these cards make excellent fans. ahaha! Easy to clean, light weight, beautiful, interseting and hassle free – why wouldn’t you want these cards! I recommend them! :D”

Now that’s depth. And what an excellent opening pun. As for our photo review winner and the happy recipient of £75 to splurge with us, look below at the efforts of the appropriately named whippersnapper Gadgetman64 and his Boombox Speaker. Easy there, fella. Don’t throw it.

Our video winner is Spikeyseth, who wins our £150 IWOOT voucher and has evidently been having lots of fun with the Nighthawk Gyro:

This could be you next month, so do keep reviewing your purchases – you could win big!

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