Thanks to the Bank Holiday, we’re a teensy bit late sorting this month’s winners, but we’re hoping it’ll be worth the wait. Well, it will be for the winners anyway. Without any further ado, let’s get this show on the road, get our noses to the grindstone and see how many tired phrases we can eke out before the end of this sentence. Err, reviews, then:

First up, and the winner of a well-deserved £50 IWOOT voucher, is Wishline with this super write-up of our Micro Bladez RC Chopper:

“A week with the Micro Blades Helicopter:

Having ordered my first remote control helicopter in a year, after a very disappointing encounter with a cheap Hong Kong one on eBay (it died after two hours. Not exaggerating.), I was prepared to wait at least five days before I saw any sign of it. I was three days out… it arrived in 48 hours! It arrived in a very well packed box that protected the Helicopter well. Very impressive service from IWOOT.
Taking it out of the box, I must admit I was quite concerned by just how delicate and breakable the small helicopter seemed. Painful memories of my Hong Kong eBay helicopter resurfaced and I couldn’t help from wondering if I’d made the same mistake twice. I charged it and read the instructions carefully in preparation for its maiden flight.
I felt a rush of exhilaration, hitting the up for the first time, and watching soaring into the air. As it was doing 360s about once every 3 seconds, I used the trim button on the remote according to the manual and tamed the spinning chopper. Then I began the process of learning to fly a small, light, fragile-looking object about 7 feet off the ground.
Crash. Bang. Boom. Meow (I frightened the cat). Every mistake had the helicopter smashing into the wall, ceiling or floor. Each time I held my breath, expecting to see that the rotors had snapped off or something, but every time I was pleasantly surprised to see the Heli in one safe piece. Heck, this thing can take a beating.
After a few days with the Helicopter I was getting quite good at maneuvering it. I’m crashing less than before, and spending more time in the air having fun. The instruction manual says you can fly it outside on a day with no wind whatsoever, but I have yet to try this out.
My verdict? Seriously good purchase. Stable, easy to learn and very, VERY robust. Excellent value for money and I’d recommend this to anybody who wants to pick up a helicopter for the first time. I’m now looking around to see where I can get a larger one…the Micro Bladez will get you hooked very easily. The perfect short break when getting through a large lot of work! With three channels, you have enough control to get you going, but it won’t be enough for you after a short time….you’ll want more! Don’t be deceived by the fragile appearance of this helicopter, it is anything but! Great buy! (PS… it’ll cost you a small fortune in batteries – I recommend rechargables.)”

Poor cat. Next, we’ve got a lovely photo review from Freckles, who is currently enjoying our Sun Jar. Well done Freckles, have 75 smackers of IWOOT goodness on us:


Aaaaaand finally, our video winner this month is this very educational series of moving images pertaining to the Cool Shooters, ably shot and edited by Rcrc. That noise you hear? That’s the sound of £150 IWOOT pounds flying towards the winner’s inbox:

So if you’re looking at these reviews and thinking, “pfft, these guys are amateurs at best! My skill with a keyboard/digital camera is far in excess of their puny so-called expertise!” then show us exactly how clever you are. Once you’ve bought a product from us, review it! There’s a £50 IWOOT voucher for the best written, £75 for the best photo and £150 for the best video review we receive every month – so get to it!

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