We’ve had a tonne load of reviews for the products you rate the best (or if you’ve been honest, the not so good) this month and as usual we’ve read through them all and selected one lucky winner. Our thanks go to GarryBacon who produced this thorough review of the ZAGGmate iPad Case & Keyboard and walks away with £100 of IWOOT vouchers. Not bad for stringing a few sentences together.

Practicality, Simplicity and Ingenious!

Those three words sum up this product. It’s Practical because you can get the Apple Keyboard Dock but you have to carry that around additionally and it’s bulky. This is a keyboard and case. The keyboard is bluetooth so you can have the orientation set to how you want it. It’s simple to pair, use and pack away, my nan can do it! It’s just ingenious in the way everything fits together to form what is effectively a very strong protector for the front of the iPad. Another thing is it’s cheap! A bluetooth keyboard and a good case costs more than this and with this your getting a case and keyboard that are made for each other. The design is so nice because it’s the exact same aluminium they use to make the iPad. If you get this case you will be as happy and as proud to own one as I am. I would really recommend this to anyone and everyone!”

ZAGGmate iPad Case & Keyboard

This could be you next month, so do keep reviewing your purchases – you could win big (£100 to be exact)!

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