Reading this news story over at the BBC makes for quite a panicky Monday morning’s reading, that’s for sure. In essence, it says that robot technology, such as it is at the moment, could potentially be very dangerous to humans if we were to allow machines to help us around the house. Some German science people conducted some experiments designed to test ‘safety limits’ on a robot arm only to discover that, unsurprisingly, it could still inflict serious injury when equipped with knives and other stabbing weapons.

Now, the article doesn’t really go into enough detail at this point. They’ve said that the victims of this controlled robot arm attack were a silicone lump, a dead pig and, rather alarmingly, the arm of a human volunteer. We assume they were already long-gone…

Still, all this combined with having watched the rather rubbish ‘I, Robot’ on Friday night makes me wonder exactly what robots will be like in the future. Furthermore, it made me wonder which films have successfully (more than ‘I, Robot’, anyway) made convincing attempts at depicting what the logical extrapolation of a robot arm cutting through a dead pig would be. One thing’s for sure – while the plot of ‘I, Robot’ is entertaining enough, having a zillion poorly rendered robots jump onto Will Smith’s moving car from 50 feet away and run alongside it in an attempt to kill him while he coolly shouts things like “now I’m maaaad!” certainly isn’t. God I hate ‘I, Robot’…

Anyway, off the top of my head, I’ve come up with the following better examples of realistic robots that might chop your arm off in years to come:

Replicant Roy Batty in Blade Runner:

ED-209 in Robocop (minus the blood… and the hilarious final line: “Someone wanna call a paramedic?”):

And finally, the great Woody Allen gets some tailoring advice:

What other examples can you find?

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