Last week I caught up with Jamie Mitchel, one of the co-founders of design collective Ohh Deer. Jamie was kind enough to do a quick Q&A with me for the blog to discuss Ohh Deer – as we here at IWOOT get ready for a new selection of their fantastic, super-cool products.

IW: Explain what Ohh Deer is and what you’re all about?

Jamie MitchelJM: Ohh deer started out as a way for two illustrators to pay their rent, we realised the potential to help more than ourselves though and got 10 others involved to strengthen the collective and offer more as a brand. We became an organic beast who’s intention is to unleash contemporary illustrated products upon the world and have them stocked in the best places possible.  We were also disheartened by many companies taking advantage of illustrators and offering very small fees for pieces of work – we give our contributors royalties which provides them with a regular income from us.

IW: What are your plans for the future of Ohh Deer?

Ohh Deer Flamingo CushionJM: We’re currently at the stage now where we can develop great ranges of bespoke products from scratch, so we’re going to improve our offering, get a firm foundation in our stockists and fortify those into something which will keep the business fresh and thriving. That’s the UK covered, we’re also about to start working on America too, taking the business over there and setting up a similar structure, trying to make all of our products domestically, over here all about made in the UK, in America it’ll be ‘designed in the UK made in USA’

IW: What are your favourite pieces on Ohh Deer right now?

JM: It would probably be our mugs and tape… both have proved big hits with our customers.  Our mug packaging is incredibly bright as well, which we believe reflects our brand pretty well!

Artemis Ohh Deer Mug

IW: Do you have any exciting new designers that you’d like to showcase?

JM: We’ve recently introduced Ella Bailey with a cute cat card range and also Javier Perez who makes really simple illustrations from everyday objects – he’s a big hit in the viral circles online.

IW: Thanks Jamie!

JM: No problem!

 Check out our latest selection of Ohh Deer products in our soft furnishings department!

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