‘Oh, some more socks for work! Thank you’. Some of us can pull off a convincingly pleased response when we receive a Christmas gift we were completely expecting. OK, so you may actually be pleased you won’t have to go to work in holey socks anymore, but sometimes it is better to open a gift and be surprised, even if it is (for every day purposes) useless! Here at IWOOT we have a huge range of unusual gifts for you to feast your eyes on. Here are just some of the wacky gifts we have to offer. Go on, be different this Christmas get your dad, mum, sister, brother, friends and colleagues something fun and peculiar, not sensible and boring!

Unusual Gifts for Dad

Make dad’s sophisticated late evening tipple a little more comical with these genius little ice penguins! Not only are these little guys re-useable, but they also keep your desired drink chilled without turning it into water, with just a hint of something special. Click here to find out more.


Unusual Gifts for Mum

We love this adorable key holder! The set comes complete with bird shaped whistle keyrings for two sets of keys, and a very cute little house for them to live in! Help mum make finding her keys a bit easier this nifty little gift. Click here to find out more.

Unusual Gifts for your Brother

“Don’t act like you’re not impressed”…Yes! We love this wallet and comedy moustache set, and who doesn’t love Anchorman! Make your brother chuckle every time he is at the till point and get him this genius gift set. Click here to buy.

Unusual Gifts for your Sister

Make your sister double take when she opens her gift this Christmas with this funny little candle holder. At first glance it looks like any other candle holder, until you spot its cute little feet poking out of the bottom! Click here to view on site.

Unusual Gifts for your Friends

Give your friends something a little different to bring out at their Christmas celebrations this year with these great bar mats! Each with a sophisticated recipe, the bar mats double up as little cocktail challenges as well as classic bar mats for your beverages. Click here to find out more.

Unusual Gifts for your Colleagues

Have you shared a few stressful deadlines with your colleague this year? Want to give them a way of releasing built up pressure at work? Then look further, click here to find out more about this quirky little stress ball!

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