With such a diverse range of both products and customers (that’s you, brainiac!), it’s no surprise that our reviews section is completely rammed full with your opinion on our products. Written reviews, photos and videos litter the product pages like casual witticisms littered the floor of Oscar Wilde’s bedroom, and we always love reading/looking at/watching them – so much so that we give some whopping IWOOT vouchers to the best reviews of the month.

This month, we went for the following lucky people:


Georgina’s written review of the Spider Catcher…

“I honestly thought this would be one of those items that sounded too good to be true, where I hoped it would do what it said it would, but I wasn’t 100% convinced it actually would! Oh my word was I wrong!! This item is fantastic!! Having been scared out of my wits by one of our eight legged arachnid friends grinning at me, teeth bared and all, from our living room wall, I ran screaming for my spider catcher. From a safe distance (minus any safety goggles) I was able to catch my now-wriggling prey, and subsequently launch him from our first floor window. My eight-legged, not-so-little friend has now had his first flying lesson, my lounge is spider-free, and I can relax on my sofa a little easier now! I kid you not, this is one of the best things I have ever bought, and will be a firm favourite as a Christmas gift for many of my other scaredy cat friends this year!”


Duncan for his picture of the Beer Machine Brew Master at work…

Students, eh?


and Gfunk for this amazing video of the NeoCube:

Congratulations guys! They’ve won £50, £75 and £150 IWOOT vouchers respectively, and very well-deserved they are too. If you think you can do better than that, then enter this month’s draw by submitting a review (written, photo or video) of something you’ve bought from IWOOT and you could be having an extra-Merry Christmas.

Speaking of which, we’ll be announcing this month’s winner on the 18th so that the winner can make the most of their vouchers. Considerate is our collective middle name (which makes filling in forms a little arduous). Get reviewing!

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