I’m pretty sure that by now everyone, like me, has just gotten around to remembering that Father’s Day is this upcoming Sunday, the 15th of June. This means that many of you, like me, will have begun to scour the internet desperately looking for some Father’s Day gifts. The problem, as ever, is that dads are notoriously difficult to buy for (and as a result, often get notoriously bad presents).

Late Night with Seth Meyers

How, then, are we to conquer the conundrum of buying for our beloved patres familias? The way I see it, we have 3 options:

1. Be as sappy as possible.

Our first option is to show our dads, with as much gooey, sloppiness as possible, how awesome they are. The best kind of soppy gift, of course is a hand-made one. It need not be a work of staggering art (in fact – the less talented you are, the better), instead just make something for your Pop to try to pierce his stubborn underbelly of emotional shielding. Something like this DIY Father’s Day Questionnaire by blogger Daffodil.

by Daffodil Design

If you really can’t be bothered to make something by hand (you terrible child, you!), then you’ll have to buy something that’s both emotionally poignant without being over the top, and relevant to you father. Good luck with that.

2. Be as ridiculous as possible.

If option one is off the cards, then getting your dad something totally ludicrous is always a good idea. You could for example, buy him a squirrel mask. Does he have one already? No. Will it make him laugh? Hopefully (and even if he doesn’t, either of you will get a great back-up fancy dress costume, dependent on who goes to the most fancy dress parties).

Squirrel Mask

If slightly terrifying animal masks aren’t his thing, then try checking out the rest of our quirky gifts here at IWOOT. We’re almost certain to have something ridiculous to satiate whatever weird predilection you or your father have. Within reason. And the law.

3. Take the middle path.

The sensible option for those of us, like me, who have neither the time nor inclination to make a gift this year, but who also probably shouldn’t buy their father a squirrel mask (my Dad is always a no-show at fancy dress parties) is to pick something up somewhere in the middle: a little bit sappy, a little bit fun.

Life is Beautiful

You could buy him a great DVD or Blu-ray about a top Dad (like Life is Beautiful, pictured above), or even an awesome game for him to waste what little free time he has away.

Whatever you do this father’s day, make sure you let him know how much you love him by not buying him another pair of grey socks or naff floral tie. Unless, of course, that’s what he loves!

What will you be getting you Dad this Father’s Day?

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