As I type this, I can hear people across the office wincing at the volume of my clickety-clacking. Even though it’s a highly rhythmic affair, and the means whereby works of written genius are regularly produced. Chances are there’s a heavy-fingered person in your office too, the one who can smack the space bar with enough force to disable a small rodent. Well, if it’s really getting to you, we suggest you look into getting one of these:

Basically, it’s a cover for your keyboard that allows you to still see what you’re typing, and crucially keeping your clomping fingers comparatively quiet. Ingenious, you’ll agree, if a little silly. It also acts as a nifty way to keep crumbs out of the gaps between the keys, but people who eat at their desk is a whole other issue entirely…

Via Geek Stuff 4 U.

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