Well, with this being one of the most anticipated gaming console releases of recent times, we thought we’d better get in on the act and start stocking the Nintendo 3DS – and boy are we excited to be doing so!

As you’re probably aware, the 3DS had a whopping great launch event in Amsterdam the other day (get all the info here), at which the release date of March 25th was announced. You can already pre-order yours over at IWOOT by clicking here (ooh, two colours!).  There’s a fantastic range of games already in the pipeline for the 3DS as well, including a Metal Gear Solid title (will it ever beat this moment?) and Pro Evo Soccer as well.

Most exciting, though, are the advances made with all the extras. Three cameras allow you to take 3D pictures, the StreetPass function allows you to exchange data with other players as you walk past them, and with the augmented reality feature you can watch your 3D games spring into life in front of your eyes. In short, it’s rather excellent and we can’t wait to get our mitts on one. Can’t even believe we’re saying this – it might be even more exciting than zombies and RC helicopters combined. Yikes!

On a side-note, look at this horrendous trailer for the 3DS. Thank goodness they haven’t made getting burned alive a major part of the PR campaign.

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