So you’ve polished off the last slab of Stollen and hovered up the pine needles, you’ve taken down the decorations and cancelled the subscription to the cookery channel that you drunkenly ordered on Boxing Day. Naturally, thoughts turn to the New Year and the dreaded water-cooler question – what’s your New Year’s Resolution?

Being such a self-improving bunch here at IWOOT Towers, we’ve opened up that question to the whole office and compiled some of the choicest for your perusal. We’re not all overweight, paranoid, force-feeding maniacs, honest.


Lee-Anne, Marketing: My New Years resolution is to stop getting parking tickets, and if I do make sure to pay them on time.

Chris, Customer Services: I have resolved to stop forcing my girlfriend to eat cheese. It’s not like I strap her down or anything, I just add it to every thing I cook!

Matt, Marketing: My new years resolution is to be “better, stronger, faster” like the Bionic Man but without the flares and with longer sideburns.

Beejal, Customer Services: Mine is to stop letting the weather affect my mood! I might as well get used to the fact I live in London and it’ll never be above 20 degrees, so yes, New Year’s Resolution is to think positive – whatever the weather!

Debbie, Customer Services: Mine is to write to my Granny more often.

Cathy, Customer Services: Apart from all the dull and necessary ones (lose 3 stone, be more motivated, get out of horrible, crippling debt etc etc bleurgh bleurgh bleurgh), to accept that it is no longer 1995 and that I am not:
a) 17
b) Going to marry James Dean Bradfield

Jenna, Creative: To die less.

Jemma, Customer Services: 1) Stop eating cake for breakfast, 2) Start treating my Kitten like a cat, not a new-born baby…I can’t help it, he’s sooooo cute! 3) Stop singing out loud when I have my earphones in on the bus…

Paula, Marketing: Mine is to buy better gifts, and to be more organised when it comes to buying presents for friends, and particularly offspring of friends. That may sounds a little sales-like considering who I work for though!

Helen, Customer Services: I’m resolving to stop making New Year’s resolutions. As you can see, I’ve not had much luck so far.

Simon, B2B: to be continuously better than JimboWoot.

James, Creative: To do a dive when I see a shark.

Ben, Customer Services: My New Year’s Resolution this year is to conquer Customer Service like no-one has before. Oh, it’s a dream. Also, to listen to London’s Heart FM for 8 hours every day. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Oh cheer up Ben, life doesn’t get better than Heart Breakfast with Jamie and Harriet! Anyway, feel free to add your own resolutions below…

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