Treat your kitchen and your loved ones to these amazing Space Cookie Cutters from Suck UK here at IWOOT, and bake them space-themed treats whenever you like! Send them to the moon with your cookie baking skills and these fun and quirky cookie cutters, sure to please yourself and your kids should they want to help you bake!

These fantastic Space Cookie Cutters can help you and your kids make 3D space ships – simply cut the cookie dough up with the cutters, then after they’ve baked and cooled, simply slot them together for a space ship that will stand up on your plate! Make an out of this world treat for all the family with the help of these Space Cookie Cutters here at IWOOT, and collect all four sets: Rocket, Shuttle, Star Fighter and Space Buggy.

Exclusively available to IWOOT for the next two weeks, you can find the Space Cookie Cutters by clicking here!

For more information on these amazing Suck UK Cutters, click here.

You can also get an extra 10% off these Cutters and all our other Kitchen Accessories with discount code KITCH. Simply enter it at the checkout to score some savings!












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