If you’ve managed to soak up your tears of disappointment and frustration after yesterday’s cavalcade of footballing mishaps, then we’ve got something to cheer you up completely. That’s right – it’s another New Arrivals email! Luckily, our New Arrivals are all excellent and gadget-y, not all rubbish and ball-was-actually-over-the-line-y. Onward…

Le Whif Breathable Flavours (pictured left)

Whiffing, you’ll be slightly baffled to learn, is the latest craze to hit the world of chocolate. Le Whif is a revolution in dieting, and will give you a satisfying taste of chocolate (or coffee, or raspberry, or several others) without ballooning your waistline to gargantuan proportions. Simply open one up, stick the end in your mouth and breathe in – yum! Perfect if you’re addicted to chocolate but aren’t too keen on the calorific content.

Balanzza Mini Digital Luggage Scale


A holiday essential. There’s little worse than having to shell out for excess baggage weight when you’re totally convinced you didn’t pack that much (maybe the rocking horse was a step too far), so use the Balanzza to make sure you haven’t stuffed too much in there. Even better, it’s light enough to take with you so you can weigh it on the way back too, after you’ve bought your body-weight in miniature Eiffel Towers.

La Siesta Caribbean Hammocks


With the weekend we just had (in case you missed it, it felt like the sun made a drunken lunge for us), it’s as well to prepare for a long summer of high temperatures. Even more so if you’re one of an increasing number of stay-cationers – which is where these beautiful hammocks come into their own. They come with a stand and are ready to assemble in the back garden under the shady tree. Bliss.

Flitter Fairies


Oooh, one for the girls, this. These lovely Fairies are a neat trick, and appear to magically float around the included magic wand. Of course, it’s not actually magic (I don’t think, anyway…), but a clever illusion, but it’s a great effect and perfect for anyone who’s discovering a vivid imagination.

That’s about it for this week, make sure you get out and enjoy the sun! And look out for some super new summery products coming later this week too…

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