Flipping heck, us Brits know how to theme a week, don’t we?! Whoever had the idea of having a National Cupcake week clearly has some kind of higher intelligence than ours, but at least we’re prepared with some rather nice Cupcake-y products. In fact, just this week we launched a new Giant Cupcake Pan for you to make oversized cupcakes with, and there’s always our trusty Teacup Cakes if you’ve got someone important coming round for tea.

If you’re looking for inspiration for making your own cupcakes to celebrate this most tasty of festivals, then look no further than the winner of the 2010 Cupcake Champion competition (honestly, who thought of this? It’s amazing!). David Bennett, who previously worked in several Michelin-starred restaurants, obviously values the humble cupcake high enough to craft a sumptuous-sounding Mango & Passion Fruit cupcake that won him the coveted title. There’s a list of the finalists and their cupcake creations at this link – some of them are literally insane. Mojito cupcake, anyone?

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