I still believe that for Google to fully achieve their dreams of world domination, they are going to have to invent a battery powered “Google Car”. Yup. You heard me, I predicted it first. Anyway, crystal ball aside, I had a big, fat chuckle when I found this post about two BYU students who invented a “Motorized Couch”. This so called “chick-pulling” wagon puts Segways to shame. Who wants to stand up anyway?

Unfortunately, like all things schweet, it has been banned from the campus grounds. One has to wonder why the powers of learning institutions are always hell bent on banning stuff. When I was a brace-faced junior, side partings were all the rage (don’t laugh, I happened to love having curtain-esque hair covering my eyes), so they immediately banned long fringes, and then when too much gel was all the rage, they banned hair product. Short hair, long hair, gel, wax….. I really hope that pudding bowl haircuts become Jedward-like popular so they can finally ban them too.

Anyway, check out the video below, get inspired, and build one. I am looking forward to someone pulling up outside IWOOT towers offering to give me a ride home. Double points if it’s a lazy boy. Found on Geekologie

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