If you’ve got a cat, then you’ll know what a litter tray looks like… it’s like a plastic filing tray full of grey gravel and probably sits in the kitchen somewhere right… WRONG.

ModKatThe ModKat is to litter trays what the iPod was to MP3 players. Aimed fairly and squarely at the design aware, apple using, aesthetic types, the ModKat is like a fully blown cat toilet, providing privacy and a level of hygiene not possible with the previous nasty plastic “in-box” type affair.

The Cat needs to jump in through the top of this thing, do “the business” and get out, a handy liner makes removal and cleaning very easy indeed.

You can pre-order this bad-boy litter tray on the ModKat website now, a snip at $180 and there’s even a discount code MODKAT20 to save $20

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