We’ve had something rather special arrive at IWOOT Towers – samples of some new remote control Mario Karts. That’s right. Mario Kart, but in real life. And miniature. It’s difficult to express quite how cool this is if you weren’t beguiled by the ludicrously addictive early Mario Kart games, but for those among you that were, you’ll know that this is Super Mario-mazing. Rather than showing you pictures and silly videos of us larking about with them (no doubt that’ll happen in the new year, stay tuned), I thought we should stop to consider the original game itself.

I’ve spent a good portion of this afternoon racking my brains about the original SNES version (bought in Currys for my older brother and I as a Christmas present in about 1994, good times…), and am now a nostalgia-ridden mess of pixelated pining. By far my favourite thing about this game was the solitary time trial mode. I really must have been a lonesome child. Hours were whiled away, trying desperately to get a sub-20 second lap time on Rainbow Road, a sub-12 second lap time on Mario Circuit 1… ah, memories.

Anyway, a little bit of trawling has yielded some interesting results – I was never as good as this:

Nor this:

Perhaps even more amazingly, there are several websites dedicated to the current (well, current for a game released in 1992) world record holders and leader boards. An amazing subculture. I feel like Louis Theroux. Have a look here to see who’s currently the niftiest with Donkey Kong around the ghost levels (I was always a Koopa man myself…).

Apologies for the terrible nerd-out, it is a Friday after all.

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