We all search for that something a little bit different when it comes to Christmas Gifts. Perhaps you really don’t want to buy your Dad the dreaded pair of socks this year, or maybe your Grandma really is sick of those bath sets. When it comes to novelty gifts you really have got to get it right. Buy something TOO out there and you might just scare your slightly confused Granddad!


We love the idea of this spider catcher. Great for all the scaredy cats , who can’t help but scream and jump on the table whenever a long legged ‘friend’ appears! With this device you can carefully place Incy Wincy outside, without going having to get up close & personal with spidey! What’s even better is it can also be used for other creepy-crawlies and insects. No more running into another room from those wasps in summer! Our spider catcher comes in two variations, green and…well…pink to make the girls wink!


Just about as novelty as it gets, this Star Wars Jedi Fleece Robe has flown off our shelves! Literally! With the release of the new film imminent, Star Wars fans clearly can’t escape the idea of dressing up as Obi-Wan in the comfort of their own homes. A great gift for him, but if you’re buying this for your boyfriend, just be sure it’s not going to be his staple outfit…unless you don’t mind him showing his allegiance to the light side!


We just cannot get enough of these little hedgehog dryer buddies. CAN YOU JUST imagine them spinning round and round in the washing machine with their little faces poked in the window and their little spikes…HOW CUTE!!! Great if you want to get mum something a little different this year…and EVEN BETTER if you want her to keep doing your washing for sayyyyyyyyyyy, the next 10 years?!

We have a whole range of novelty gift ideas at IWOOT! All you have to do is whisper ‘I want one of those’ and we’ll try our best to work our Fairy Godmother magic!

 Which of our novelty gifts are your favourite?

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