Blimmin ‘eck, we can’t believe the nice things people have been saying about us. And as we tend to agree with them we thought we’d share it with the rest of you (us gloat? Never). If you also feel the need to sit down and write a kind word about IWOOT then please leave your thoughts/memoirs/philosophical musings in the comments below.

Michael who hails from Oldham – 5 stars

Best shop on the net I just need a better job with more money so I can buy more stuff

Rowena (we’re not sure where Rowena comes from) – 5 stars

Just wanted to say how absolutely fantastic your Customer Service Team are, just so helpful & nice, a real pleasure to deal with them. Thanks for everything 🙂

Ema (Ema also didn’t tell us where she was from) – 5 stars

Love the Site and the randomness xx

Lee & Hannah (and their zoo?) from sunny Brighton  – 5 stars

Been Shopping with these guys a few years now – 100% recommend best stock, best price, best delivery, fantastic communication, website well laid out always a joy to log in from birthdays, forgotten anniversaries (sorry Hannah) to Christmas and they are doggy people and that really counts in my books.

You will not be disappointed. Best wishes …and thank you IWOOT you’re the best….Lee, Hannah and the zoo. xx
P.S. guess I’m not right as iwant and ineed, you ask my misses I could find a reason to buy and home all these gadgets given half the chance.

Sam – 5 stars

When in trouble during Christmas shopping, turn away from that department store… stop flicking through Argos brochures and get yourself onto IWOOT! They have it all, reasonable prices and guarantee a unique Xmas gift – 5*’s

Fai all the way from the Maldives (probably a lot sunnier than Brighton) – 4 stars

Wow I have never seen such a cool gadgets in my 26 years… yeah those things really don’t need but want so much to make friends crazy… hehe hahaha…

Eghosa – 5 stars

Having only looked at the IWOOT website, I felt a sense of fulfilled excitement knowing that whatever I decide to actually get from the store can be liked by just about anybody!! Gifts you wouldn’t find anywhere else… makes me feel like a child again… a big child. lol

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