Tea, as we all know, is conducive to working life. For most of us, it’s impossible to even consider looking at our inbox without having first slurped a nice glug of warming brown gold – it’s something of a modern-day elixir. But, office etiquette being as it is, it’s not always the easiest thing in the world to successfully bring four steaming mugs of the stuff over to the desk at once (for colleagues, obviously, drinking four mugs of tea in one go is clearly insane).

Countless times have we witnessed DinoWoot’s astonishing proficiency in this area. Seriously, if he could apply that kind of poise and balance to the rest of his body he’d be vaulting a horse in 2012. I, myself, am a little more timid when it comes to multiple-beverage-carriage. Since a few ill-advised multi-pint carries in my student days, I know better than to try and get around it by slipping a G&T in my pocket. It doesn’t work, it just makes your pocket smell like a posh tramp. So I’m putting these bad boys on my Christmas list:


Mugs! That link up! Amazing! No more spilt tea!

Thanks to Geeky Gadgets for the spot. They’re designed by Jonathan Aspinall, who makes all sorts of clever stuff. Maybe he can make us a tea.

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