It’s pretty much a well known fact that you know at least one, or one hundred people who have summer birthdays. It’s just the weird fact that when June rolls around, suddenly everyone’s office is filled with cards and cake as we all celebrate yet another June birthday. There may only be a week or so left in the month, but we decided to put together a quick Top 5 Picks for June birthday gifts from what we’ve got on IWOOT. Take a look!

1. Katana Bookends

Ideal for the bookworm friend, these Katana bookends are sure to bring a little spice into anyone’s home! Whether your friend wants to add some finishing touches to their bookshelf, or are a martial arts enthusiast, these bookends are sure to please.


2. Vodka Bottle Ice Tray

Perfect for the party animal friend, this vodka bottle ice cube tray does exactly what it says on the tin, or tray as the case may be. An ideal accessory to bring out at a party for some laughs and to help make all the drinks nice and chilled. A win win situation!


3. Bad Egg Cup

More suited to the foodie friend, this Bad Egg Cup is just what a breakfast lover needs to add some quirkyness to their first meal of the day! Funny and kooky, this egg cup sits right at home on any breakfast table.


4. Social Like Tea Mug

Everyone likes a cuppa, so maybe you have a tea fiend friend who would just love this quirky mug to drink their brews in! A sure fire way to make that afternoon tea break just a little bit more social.


5. Hamburger Telephone

And, when all else fails, the Hamburger Telephone (a la Juno). A fantastic novelty gift designed to add a bit of burgery goodness to any home, and is a particularly good pairing with a birthday boy or girl who likes their home to be full of fun.


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