July has gone, people. Get over it. August has muscled its way in with some distinctly odd weather, effectively trampling over the lovely example July made. What a month-bully, eh? Anyway, calendar quibbles can wait till September gets involved – it’s time to announce the winners of our monthly reviews competition!

First up and firmly poking the bits of us that make us say “aaaah…” is BeckyW’s review of the Picture Pockets. A £50 IWOOT will be tickling your inbox soon Becky, so start pressing F5!

“One of the best buys ever!
I have a 15 month old daughter who is the youngest in a very big extended family. I bought this to put on the back of her room door to fill with family members to help her become familiar with everyone’s faces and be comfortable in a big family setting; and of course learn everyone’s name as it can be a month or so between seeing some of the family.

It has made a difference already and ‘papa’ has been the first – some brownie points await from Papa methinks 🙂

Thanks IWOOT, it’s a great use of space to get some top photos out of the computer and on functional display for our daughter!”

Sob… we’re still getting over that one… an IWOOT product helped a baby talk! Onward – this month’s winner of a £75 IWOOT voucher is the enigmatically named red2508 for this photo of some lovely cakes (usually a good way to get our attention) made with the Teacup Cake moulds:


Unbelievably there aren’t any video reviews for last month (come on, people!), but we’ve got something rather nice for you instead. All our reviews are submitted via the website, but one intrepid young person deemed it appropriate to send us an actual letter in the post to review our Snug Rugs. Imagine that! Communication that doesn’t happen through a screen! Here’s the evidence:


Thanks Tom! A little something extra will be winging its way to you (via post, of course). No need to press F5.

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