So as all people who move to London do, I embarked on an adventure to see this so called “Glastonbury” that everyone talks about. I should add that prior to this the biggest festival I had ever been to was a “whopping”‘ 20,000-capacity event called Splashy Fenn in sunny South Africa, where you drive in, park your car, set up camp and chill until you feel the need to go watch a band. As you might have immediately gathered, I was in for one hell of a shock.

Firstly, I was warned not once or twice, but at least a bazillion times to make sure I got wellies. eBay – check. With steel toe caps. I don’t know why. As I am sure you have read somewhere already, there was not even a single drop of rain. Not one, little, tiny little drop 🙂 By Sunday morning, the medical staff had apparently treated over 3,000 people for heat stroke and sunburn – I thankfully was not one of them. Back to the point of this blog post though!

Working for a gadget retailer has serious advantages, so I used my staff discount (and persuaded Gadget Girl Ella to loan me some samples so I had more beer money) and headed off with an assortment of gadgets. Below is an honest rating of their performance.

1. Moontent

Upside: I didn’t sleep in this, Kieran (ex-IWOOTer did), and he loved the ease of putting it not only up, but taking it down as well (definitely a two man job). Again it didn’t rain so I can’t comment on it’s ability to withstand the wet stuff.

Downside: Perfect for two small-ish people. I’m a heifer though, so no good for me and the missus.

2. Festival Kit

Upside: This is a thoroughly well thought out little bag of goodies. I only used 50% of the stuff inside it (again, due to the fantastic weather), but was very happy to have all the little bits and pieces one might forget. Be careful though, probably not wise to share as it seems enough for one person. The glow bangles were a bonus, and initially I had thought of using them to highlight my tent at night so I could find it. It turned out that we were camped very close to a road and bridge, so these just turned into a silly fashion item for the fancy dress night.

Downside: The toothbrush is really soft, and the toothpaste is not enough for an entire festival.

3. Pebble Charger

Upside: Everything. We had an assortment of phones and chargers in our campsite and not only did I manage to keep my iPhone 3G up to date, but on the last day I shared out the little guy and still had half of the power left. This is a genuine winner. I just don’t know how to tell Gadget Girl Ella that she’s never getting it back…

Downside: There is absoultely no downside, excpet constant fear that I thief might rob you of this wonderous device!


4. Rainbow Lanterns 7 Pack

Upside: Lanterns aren’t new but, being an IWOOT exclusive, I thought I would have the edge and, as they’re relatively new, assumed I would be the only dude with them. Well, I was horribly wrong! Obviously some IWOOT customer beat me to it! Every evening the sky was FULL of lanterns. Aaaah – pretty lights…

Downside: When windy, these can be hazardous and catch an assortment of things at a festival including flagpoles and power lines. If not left to heat up enough they float back into the crowd. Some silly sausage tied an English flag to one (yes, after the event no-one wants to talk about 4-1) and after taker of just went crashing into a tented area. SO BE CAREFUL!

5. Walkie Talkie Watches

Upside: Had loads of fun listening in to everyone’s walkie talkie conversations – including the festival security. Very easy to use.

Downside: There were unfortuantely just too many people using walkie talkies for these little guys to be effective!

6. Multimate Mini

Upside: With so many tools this came in very handy, from minor zip fixes to turning a few porkies around on the BBQ.

Downside: None whatsoever.

7: Lightblade Umbrella

It would be a very hard thing to talk about the upside and downside of this product due to the awesome weather. It was very hand for providing shade, however 🙂

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