I can assure you Jimbo didn’t feel a thing. I told him time and time again not to play with the Rolerball inside, I begged him to take it out of the office but he just wouldn’t listen. If only he’d read the warnings on the product page. Sure, people will point their fingers and I accept that it doesn’t look good – it wasn’t that long ago he made a really cheap shot about me not liking commercial music. Is that a crime? Am I not allowed my own opinion? Just because millions of people say I’m wrong does that mean I am? My fingerprints may be all over that ball, but my conscience is clean.


DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECREATE THIS PICTURE AT HOME We may not be trained professionals, but we signed a company waiver ages ago. We accept no responsibility for anyone misguided enough to try and be as stupid as we are. The safety guidelines are on the product page for a reason.

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