At last, after many years of speculation and failed attempts (and probably some loss of life and/or limb), a clever person has made a Jetpack that actually works and, best of all, you can actually buy it. About time too.

The bona-fide geniuses from New Zealand’s Martin Aircraft have finally perfected their version of the Jetpack we all wish we could nip to the shops in. Of course, making it commercially available is a similar gesture as taking bookings for the first space shuttle flight – only the excessively rich and frivolous will have a chance of owning one any time soon (and maybe that guy from N*Sync). If you do want one, it’ll set you back a total of $86,000 – and that’s before it even gets built. Still, with plans to co-ordinate airspace to accommodate the casual aeronaut in process (amazing!), things are looking good for a distinctly more Bond-esque future.

Here are some pictures of the marvel itself:




Via the oddly-titled Gizmag.

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