Ok, let me gather my thoughts for a minute because I think my brain has officially broken. Who in their right mind would even CONSIDER buying a home made Jet Pack from the internet? IWOOT may sell some pretty random stuff, but we draw the line at DIY rocket packs that could potentially hurt you, your friends, and any of the surrounding greenery within a hundred yard radius. Did we learn nothing from the time machine in Napoleon Dynamite?

Handcrafted by myself Using Car and Airplane parts. I spent 15 years as a mechanic. Can Use for 2 High Jumps 10 feet in the air with a safe landing before overheating, takes about an hour to cool down after that.

Serious buyers only can test out on my property and of course watch me first for safety reasons and training.

Oh, you can watch him have a go and then test it out before you buy it. That’s alright then. I’d want a 6 week course tailor made to suit my personal requirements, giving me detailed instructions on how to control and maintain the pack before I even considered putting it anywhere near me. Do the DVLA (or whatever the American equivalent may be – research is for wimps) even know about this Jet Pack? Surely this can’t be legal. I may be getting grumpy and “safe” in my old age, so do feel free to blast this blog post out of the water, but I can’t be the only one that thinks that this DIY Jet Pack is just asking for trouble.


I really don’t like the way the paint seems to have chipped in places on the pack – probably from one too many hard landings.

Many thanks to Geekologie for getting there first.

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