Like we keep on saying, we’re a creative bunch here at IWOOT Towers. Sometimes, that creativity simply spills over and we can’t help but produce magnificent artworks, even on our lunch hour. This intriguing specimen from JennaWoot clearly shows much artistic poise and control, but utilises only the most basic of office paraphernalia. It is, if you will, a high-art concept with lo-fi materials that anyone with a desk can make for themselves.

JennaWoot's Desktop Sculpture

To create this stunning piece, Jenna used:

1 Plant
2 tea bags
3 red elastic bands
2 highlighter pens
2 biros
1 Wispa Gold
1 pack of AAA batteries
1 Pritt Stick
1 fake butterfly
1 pack of Strepsils (with 1 missing)
1 Ruler
Various Christmas decorations (including Winnie The Pooh in a watering can)
Lip balm
Some bulldog clips
Several Post-It notes

Not to be all Neil Buchanan about it, but why not give it a try yourself?

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