Well, kind of… Our very own Jenna Woot has entered Streetwars and I managed to quiz her on what looks to be an awesome next few weeks. This is what she had to say about it –

“Isn’t it every girls dream to don a mack, grow a moustache and live a life of espionage?

Next Sunday StreetWars, a 3 week 24/7 London wide water gun ‘assassination’ tournament, hits London.

The mission is simple: Under the cover of darkness you are required attend the meeting point and pick up a manila envelope containing details of your target. You must track down your target and, with any water based weapon, give them the soaking of a lifetime.

To make it slightly more of a challenge you must also avoid being drenched by the assailant who will be hunting you. Once you have reduced your target to a sopping mess his target then becomes your next mission. Safe points include your workplace, public transport and bars.

The last (dry) man standing is victorious.

What could be more fun? Needless to say I signed up in seconds.

Being an Iwooter certainly has its perks. I’ve been kitted out with two of the highly sought after AK47 Aqua Fire guns for one. The fact that I can turn up to work dressed like a tree and was not sent home is also a bonus.”

Live action updates -most likely coffee fuelled and from bushes- to follow… To see the Street Wars Video click here



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