January was a great month for reviews – all your Christmas presents got rated, snapped and video’d! So, as you’d expect, it was an especially difficult task to sift through the thousands of reviews we receive each month and select the very creamiest of the cream of the most carefully harvested crop.

First of all, and winning a satisfyingly chunky £50 IWOOT Voucher, is Timboosler. His review of the ol’ faithful Cash Stash is below:

“Such a good idea:
Remember when your Mum sewed a shiny shilling into the lining of your pants so you could always make a phone call home if you were lost? No? Then you’re obviously too young!
This brings that concept right up to date with a key ring containing a craftily folded tenner, a score, or even a half a ton if you can afford it…enough for a phone call, a kebab, and a luxury cab-ride home…maybe even stopping off at the ‘Offie’ as well.
Never get stuck again with the moths flying out of your empty wallet… this is your emergency lifeboat should you fall asleep on the last train home, or just forgot to go to the cashpoint for more beer tokens.
The only thing to remember is if you use your sneaky secret cashpoint, remember to replace it as soon as possible. And of course, it goes without saying… never, never, ever tell your girlfriend what’s inside!!”

Sage words indeed. For submitting our favourite picture review, someone referring to themselves as Kaleidoscope (enigmatic, eh?) wins a suitably beefy £75 IWOOT Voucher for this picture review of Henry The Hoover at work:

Nice one, Henry. Now can you do my kitchen floor?

And finally, we went for PlinkyPlonkyDonkey’s Twilight Turtle video. One can only assume that that is a self-applied pseudonym. Nevertheless, a whopping £150 IWOOT Voucher is on its way to you – well done!

Don’t forget to enter this month if you buy one of our products – you could win some serious, err… “wonga” to spend at IWOOT!

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