Today we are talking to our all time favourite potter and ‘Rad Dad’, Keith Brymer Jones. Now you’ve probably heard of Keith from his internet breaking appearance in BBC2’s Great Pottery Throwdown but have you seen his uber-cool homeware range? The answer to that question should be yes, however if it’s not, let us acquaint you with Keith and the KBJ range.

What is the Keith Brymer Jones potter process? Do you design before you create or do you prefer to let the clay do the talking?
‘Basically it works like this… I get inspiration all over the place; buildings, people, and even landscapes. I then go straight to my studio and I work with the clay. I have worked with clay for so long now that the best way for me to work creatively is to form and shape the clay straight from my imagination. Another way of putting it is, the clay is my sketchbook!’

How did you start creating your famed designs?
‘Twenty years ago, I began to develop the Word Range in my studio in Highgate for the first time. I was originally attracted to words because of their shapes as suffering from dyslexia, like I did, means I tend to use shape and form in a far more objective way than most people. I say suffer however I actually see it as an asset! The bucket mug ‘hot’ is my favourite because of how symmetrical the word shape is. The range has now grown to include over 100 different words that I hope bring smiles to people’s faces.’

Have you picked up any new ideas from your recent trip to Asia and the Southern Hemisphere?
‘Travelling through Australia and New Zealand I was completely blown away by the landscape of both countries so I think you’ll find the shapes I will be creating in the near future are far more organic than previously. I love rounded, distorted shapes at the moment – that’s my big thing!’

How do you like to celebrate Father’s Day?
‘Go to the beach with my son, Ned’

What is the ultimate Father’s Day gift?
‘A bottle of whiskey.’

What can we expect to see from Keith Brymer Jones in the next year? (tv, designs, new creations, etc)
‘I have got lots of great things coming up. The second series of The Great Pottery Throw Down will be back on BBC2 later this year! Also, I will be bringing out my brand new range of glassware as well as my alphabet range in autumn… AND quite excitingly I will be developing a British studio range of ceramics!’

If you could write anything on a mug, what would it be?
‘I have already done it! The word ‘love’ because let’s face it – it’s the most important word in the world!’

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