Behold the IWOOT catalogue star!

Here at IWOOT Towers we like to find new ways to make caring for the environment a little more fun than filling the recycling box with cans and papers every week.
One thing that springs to mind is our catalogues and what we do with them once they’ve come back to us. As you would expect, we recycle each and every one and ensure that we use paper from sustainable sources to print them – but one cunning customer has turned an IWOOT catalogue in to something rather lovely.

We think it’s great that Kate D turned some of our catalogues in to something beautiful once she’d finished checking out all the wonderful stuff inside. Well done Kate! Have a £5 voucher for your effort.

We’d love to see more of these wonderful creations so if there are any other creative geniuses out there who fancy turning our humble catalogue in to something cool then send your photos to and we’ll show the world what an artistic bunch you are.

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