KieranWoot takes the blog reins this morning, setting the record straight on IWOOT and the Postal Strikes. Watch him go:

“Despite appearances that all we do is give away iPhones and make the worst zombie movies ever, we actually spend most of our of time here at IWOOT Towers making sure that you, our customers, are constantly surprised by our levels of service.

We therefore have not panicked with the announcement of Royal Mail strikes, as the simple problem to solve is how we get our parcels to our customers. Luckily, we already have a couple of great couriers we work with and we can easily switch over all our parcels to those if there is even the whiff of a backlog with Royal Mail – hopefully you’ve been noticing this over the last week or so.


It obviously costs us more, which is of course a serious concern to a little retailer like IWOOT, but let’s be honest with each other (we can be honest can’t we? It’s not like anyone else is reading this…) we’re hoping that surprising you by getting your parcels to you as quick, if not quicker, during any strike action will have you telling all your friends how great us Wooters are.

It’s not for me to comment on the rights and wrongs of any industrial action, but we are an internet retailer and we rely on the postal system for a large proportion of our customer satisfaction levels. We love our postie but our customers always come first.”

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