Office Christmas Party season is upon us once again and you’re probably already looking forward to the prospect of Malcolm from accounts photocopying his arse before passing out under his desk. Obviously we’re no different at IWOOT Towers (though we’ve no idea who Malcolm is), and we celebrated the coming of Jesus/Santa/Friday with due mirth, frivolity and costumes. The theme, in case you can’t tell from these pictures, is Kitsch.

That jumper came from eBay, that shirt came from the office. Depressing, eh?

The Kitsch Factor finalists battle it out for a shot at Xmas No. 1...

Team Creative (featuring Carlton from the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air)

Anyone else a little scared of Customer Services?

Not really, CS are lovely, see?

You may remember what happened last time Rob got a microphone in his hands – for those of you who don’t, why not have a little look here. Everyone else can surely imagine what the audio equivalent of this picture would be. Wow.

I preferred his work with Another Level.

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