Apologies for that title. But, for better or worse, a brave gaggle of IWOOT staff made their way to Wimbledon dog tracks to watch a load of boisterous animals race round and round in circles. And some greyhound races (ba-dum-chish!). Anyway, we gambled, we ate fast food, we saw the grizzled expressions on the sheepskin coat-wearing bet-takers, and some of us even came out with a profit. Dog names we appreciated included Skywalker Falcon, Lynn’s Friend and Granary Sparkle. How do they think them up? Sadly we didn’t get any pictures of the furry little Lewis Hamiltons, they were just too darn quick. 

You can rest assured that all of us in the pictures below are wearing the smiles of gambling addicts.



And JimboWoot found the car of his dreams. Bless.

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