This time last year, the IWOOT Crowd decamped (well, not quite) to our MD’s Hertfordshire farm for some serious relaxation. Well, as much relaxation as a fully-stocked ice bucket and a couple of shotguns can provide (we’re not joking).

Of course, being IWOOT, we took oodles of toys and gadgets to keep us entertained while we ate, drank and were merry. Some of the pictures below show our favourite summer products in use and working beautifully. Peri Peri burgers, springbok and a whole host of delicious meats were enthusiastically stuffed into faces alongside a small avalanche of beers (though someone accidentally left the MyBreweryTap box in the office, curse them!), and a fine time was had by all.

The weather held out completely, bathing our little haven of a campsite in sunshine and, later, a dusky warmth that stayed all night. As you can see, we had a smashing time.

Croquet. Beer. Result.

Clay pigeon shooting with REAL shotguns. Yikes!

Prepping for the feast...

Happy Camper.

Hello Halloumi!

Candle Bags doing their thing


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