It’s amazing how every time Matt and I head off to do a press pass, we end up finding some very kitsch, ugly and yet strangely beautiful object.

Previously, on a trip to Doncaster, we found a wooden/stain glass dolphin statue that defies description. Unfortunately, being without a smartphone at the time, I do not have any photographic evidence that the dolphin ever existed. I know what you’re thinking – “You were probably hiding in a closet, cowering away from Eddy Woot and his RolerBall henchmen when you discovered a secret forest at the back, filled with Stain Glass Dolphin wood carvings. Of course you’d never have seen the Dolphin at all if you hadn’t met a fawn underneath that lamppost and popped back to his house for tea.” Anyway – enough of magical wardrobes.

On our most recent trip to Cardiff, I spotted this gem of a couch. Just look at it for a second, let yourself drink it in. . .

I have a sneaky suspicion that it is the ugliest pretty (no, I’m not a moron. I’m just trying to make an oxy-moron) piece of furniture I-have-ever-seen-in-my-life-EVER! I think it looks like Big Brother Transylvania.

Think you can find one better/uglier/kitscher? Hit me with an email with a pic attached to And maybe, just maybe, I can give you a little sur-prize.


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