Well? Are we?! We reckon we might have something special, seeing as one of our April Fool’s products has been made into an actual thing you can touch and buy and everything. Our Pad-Dock iPhone to Tablet Converter caused a bit of a stir on the day and after, but thanks to the folks at Elonex, it looks like we’ve either predicted the future or been the victims of intellectual property theft. Knew we should’ve applied for a patent.

Still, looks like it could be quite a fun product:

Of course, not all our April Fool’s products end up being made into actual items you can buy. Imagine though, if you will, half a stadium of irate football fans at the forthcoming World Cup simultaneously turning their Win-Win Supporter’s Shirts inside out and turning defeat into victory. Or perhaps being able to converse fully with your canine chums, the world teeming with completely comprehensible speaking dogs…

We’re taking over, one product at a time.

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