Seriously, is there anything iPhones can’t do nowadays? Alright, it was a novelty when you could split the bill, work out where the nearest loo was and crack out Sonic The Hedgehog, but the world of apps has become an awful lot bigger and more impacting on our daily live than was initially thought. Medical professionals all over the place are downloading the iStethoscope to their pocket-bound potential lifesavers, invented by brainiac chappy Peter Bentley.

That’s not the only development, either. According to The Guardian, there are several other apps that could be taking the medical world by storm very soon. Coughing into your phone can determine your ailments with one app, x-rays from remote locations… it’s a revolution in the making.

So if you’re a budding doctor, get head start and download as many medical apps as you possibly can and start practising on the cat. Similarly, if you’re a designer or developer, it looks like the smart money is in new apps that check your blood pressure or wirelessly perform a tracheotomy, so get cracking!

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