I know that it seems we are iPhone crazy… but the truth is, well, we are! If you’re an iPhone user, you know the addictive feeling of checking your mail, using apps, and generally that terrible little trigger itch your fingers do. You know, the one that you could only ever satisfy by doing the ever-so-cool two finger zoom gesture on your shiny delicious screen.

I have just re-read this sentence I typed and, well, it sounds like I might have a problem. I probably do. I am that annoying person who will check their phone incessantly at the table or, even worse, in the crowded pub. I know it’s anti-social behaviour, but I just can’t help it. My iPhone wielding friends have it too – infact, to the point that we have an unwritten understanding that we don’t even have to apologise for our rude behaviour. Thankfully, I found this flowchart, which helps iphone junkies like myself work out the appropriateness of using an iphone on a date:

iPhone Chart

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